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NDtech chosen to seal Coonawarra region's most expensive wine

18 Apr / 2019

Amorim’s pioneering NDtech screening technology - which individually tests each wine cork to guarantee the elimination of the presence of TCA - has been adopted by yet another prestigious wine.

The 2500-bottle exclusive release of 2016 William Wilson Shiraz Cabernet, produced using some of the oldest vines from the vineyards of the Redman and Balnaves estates in Australia - 85-year old shiraz from Redman and 46-year old cabernet sauvignon from Balnaves - is sealed with Amorim NDtech corks.

After blending trials the winemakers chose a mix of 55% shiraz and 45% cabernet.

The release is designed to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of William Wilson, a Scottish horticulturist who settled in Penola, Australia in 1860. As a distant ancestor to both the Balnaves and Redman wine dynasties, his stunning gardens were the inspiration for John Riddoch to plant the first grapes in the region. The premium blend is intended to honour the winemakers’ great-great-great grandparents.

This is the most expensive wine ever to come out of the Coonawarra region, priced at AUD$300 bottle, and NDtech was the ideal choice to seal it.

Wine critic James Halliday reviewed the wine for the Weekend Australian and gave it a rating of 97 points, noting in his review that “No expense has been spared with the packaging, the Amorim NDtech corks individually tested for taint, the cork protected with dense burgundy wax, the deluxe box for each bottle with the full family tree printed on the outside.”

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