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96% of the best rated Spanish wines are sealed with cork

11 Jan / 2024

According to a recent study carried out by the Cork Center laboratory of the Catalan Cork Institute, 96% of the 100 best value wines in the Peñin Guide are sealed with cork stoppers.

Along with recent data released by Nielsen indicating that 71% of the top 100 premium brands in the US are sealed with cork, this new study reinforces the perception of the value of cork stoppers in the positioning and quality of wines.

The impact of the cork stopper is not limited to its oenological role, but also to the average cost per bottle. The list of the 100 wines with the best quality-price ratio in the Peñín 2023 Guide presents an average price of 13.4 euros per bottle, while those with only natural cork stoppers have an average price of 14.9 euros.

In still wine, the average price per bottle is 13.8 euros and 14.7 euros if we only consider those with natural cork stoppers. 12.8 euros is the average price of bottles corked with other closures. As a result, the value of bottles with natural cork stoppers is almost 2 euros higher (15% more).

This study thus reaffirms the economic value of cork stoppers in wines and the impact on consumer perception, while demonstrating that the wineries that produce them trust in the active role that cork plays in the evolution of their products.

For more information, read the original article of the Catalan Cork Institute here.

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