The balance between nature and technology

NDtech is the most cutting-edge technology at the service of cork. This state-of-the-art, high precision screening technology developed and patented by Amorim individually analyzes and validates each cork stopper eliminating the risk that any TCA contaminated stopper will reach winemakers and consumers.

Cork, Naturally Noble

Cork, the bark of the cork oak tree, is one of nature’s most amazing raw materials. It’s so exceptional that no human-made product has yet been able to replicate its unique combination of properties.

Amorim is the world’s largest cork producer and one of the most dynamic Portuguese multinationals. In almost 150 years of undisputed leadership in the industry, the company has distinguished itself by its quality, innovation, excellence and vision.

From people to people.

Amorim is the largest producer and supplier of cork stoppers worldwide and in whom the main wine producers place their trust.

Cork is in the details.

Different wines demand different solutions. An iconic product in the cork industry, cork stoppers are divided into several categories, according to different sizes and formats. This incredible variety adapts to the specific requirements of every bottle and drink.

Massive CO2 balance - 393 grams of CO2 per stopper - Neutrocork

The highest performance of any new generation micro-agglomerated stopper.

Neutrocork’s massive CO2 balance - 393 grams of CO2 per stopper - boasts the highest performance of any new generation micro-agglomerated stopper in the market. 

A September 2018 study produced by PricewaterhouseCoopers for Amorim Cork, which adopted a Business to Business (Cradle to Gate) approach, confirmed that considering the carbon sequestration of the cork oak forest associated to cork production, each Neutrocork stopper has a CO2 balance of - 393g. 

This impressive CO2 sequestration capacity will often offset the glass bottle’s carbon footprint.

Cork and Wine inseparable by nature.

More recycling. More forest. More society.

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