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A passion for wine

To say that Amorim worries about its clients' wines as if they were its own, is no exaggeration. No other cork producer in the world apart from Amorim, has created an international landmark foundation with the aim of encouraging research into wine-making and knowledge about wine.

To encourage scientific work and contribute to the dissemination of wine and the sector is a mission which spurs groups of individuals from various countries to meet under the Amorim Academy banner.

It is since 1992, that this institution, founded in France by members of the third generation of the Amorim family, has financially supported research in oenology and innovative projects on wine. The academics award the researcher or team of researchers who have undertaken important works or developed techniques which improve the conditions for preserving wine.

In this competition, two prizes are given every year, the Grand Prix and the Prix d’initiative, which can be entered into by scholars and scientists in areas as diverse as oenology, economics, history and sociology.

Besides the recognition of those who dedicate themselves to studying wine and its environment, the Academy also sponsors topical forums which gather experts, professionals and those who are merely interested in the subject and share the same passion for wine.

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