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Neutrocork: Amorim is world's leading supplier of micro-agglomerated stoppers

30 Dec / 2019
Neutrocork helps Amorim consolidates its position as the world’s leading supplier of micro-agglomerated cork stoppers

Amorim’s new generation micro-agglomerated cork stopper, neutrocork, has been embraced by wineries around the world - attracted by its excellent technical performance and sustainability credentials.

Neutrocork’s massive CO2 sequestration - 392 grams of CO2 per stopper - boasts the highest performance of any new generation micro-agglomerated stopper in the market.
A September 2018 study produced by PricewaterhouseCoopers for Amorim & Irmãos, which adopted a Business to Business (Cradle to Gate) approach, confirmed that considering the carbon sequestration of the cork oak forest associated to cork production, each Neutrocork stopper can show a balance of 392g of CO2.
This impressive retention capacity will often offset the glass bottle’s carbon footprint. This is excellent news since the combination of glass and cork not only guarantees the best possible wine quality, it also ensures sustainability.
The Neutrocork stopper results from a uniform-sized micro cork granule composition pressed into individual moulds, offering great structural stability, and is recommended for wines with a certain complexity.
It has been embraced by thousands of wineries around the world.
To produce Neutrocork stoppers, natural cork is sourced from cork oak forests and then sorted, boiled, ground, and treated using Amorim’s proprietary ROSA® system. All Neutrocork stoppers deliver non-detectable TCA performance*.
Amorim is the world’s biggest supplier of micro-agglomerated cork stoppers, with over 1.2 billion units sold in 2018, and the company forecasts continued growth. *releasable TCA content at or below the 0.5 ng/L quantification limit; analysis performed in accordance to ISO 20752.
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