Top Series®
Production Flowchart
Technical Specifications

Top Series® combines the quality and prestige of a natural cork stopper to the luxury and uniqueness of each client.

Produced at Amorim Luxury Unit, a unit dedicated to the global market responsible for the development of innovative and personalised solutions, the Top Series® are natural capsulated cork stoppers with a distinctive design.

… exclusive natural capsulated cork stopper available for four market segments…

  • Top Series Prestige: the pinnacle of luxury and exclusivity, using capsules developed entirely from noble materials and precious metals, offering clients the opportunity to distinguish their packaging as much as possible
  • Top Series Elegance: a distinctive product with a unique design, using a range of materials including ceramics, wood, metal or metallised plastic;
  • Top Series Premium: by employing a combination of high- and bas-relief, each cork is created using all the know-how involved in customising bartop stoppers which are highly distinctive in terms of colours, shapes and materials;
  • Top Series Classic Value: benefiting from a competitive price, this segment achieves a high degree of differentiation through the customisation of colours and shapes.

Top Series® combines design with the superior technical and environmental performance of natural cork.

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Stopper's specifications

Physical-MechanicalLength (stopper+capsule)L ± 1.0 mm
DiameterL ± 0.4 mm
Chamfer4 ± 1 mm
Ovalisation≤ 3 mm
Humidity4% - 8%
Physical-ChemicalPeroxide content≤ 0.1 mg/stopper
Quant Treatment± 4mg/s for values ≥ 10mg/s
± 2mg/s for values < 10mg/s
Dust content< 1.5 mg/s - natural
< 2 mg/s - colmated
< 1.0 mg/s - neutrocork
VisualVisual sortingDeviation with reagard
to reference ≥ -5%

Capsule specifications

Physical-MechanicalExternal diameterL ± 0.4 mm
Internal diameterL ± 0.4 mm
Engraving diameter (relief)L ± 0.4 mm
HeightL ± 0.4 mm
Engraving height (relief)L ± 0.4 mm
ThicknessL ± 0.4 mm
Insertion heightL ± 0.4 mm
Physical-ChemicalWeight± 0.4 g
Stopper Sampling Method as per NP 2922 standard - Cork Products.
a. Grade control is based on the reference samples.
b. Surface treatment differs according to the stopper's purpose. The quantity of surface treatment varies depending on stopper diameter.
c. The surface treatment quantification test is not performed on colmated stoppers.

Selection and storage of stoppers

  • Amorim can calculate the required cork diameter from the design of the neck of your bottle.
  • Order your stoppers for immediate or short term use. These stoppers should be used within 6 months of the date of manufacture.
  • Store in a well-ventilated room with controlled temperature between 15°C and 20°C and 50% to 70% humidity.

Cork insertion

  • Ensure insertion of the stopper is performed as quickly as possible.
  • Minimise moisture on the inside of the bottle neck.
  • The ideal bottling conditions are: temperature between 15 and 20 C and humidity between 50-70%. Bottling under different conditions may require out of standard products, to be specified.

Storage and transport 

  • After bottling, the bottles should always be kept in an upright position.
  • Ideal bottle storage conditions are: 15-20°C at 50-70% humidity.
  • Keep the facilities free of insects.
  • Bottles should be transported in an upright position.

Equipment Maintenance

  • Ensure the corking machine operates smoothly.
  • Clean all cork handling surfaces regularly with chlorine-free products.
  • Ensure all dust is eliminated using air sprays placed in strategic positions, particularly prior to stopper insertion.

Food Standards

All Amorim & Irmãos, S.A.'s products comply with current regulations and legislation (European and FDA - Food and Drug Administration) for products in contact with food.