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No screwcaps: an artist’s view

1 Apr / 2011

An artist and restaurateur based at St Thomas on the US Virgin Islands is protesting against the use of alternative wine closures through his art.

Tony Romano has presented a series of artworks compiled over three years in an exhibition he calls ‘No Screw Caps’. The chef and owner of Romano’s Restaurant, Tony Romano became concerned about the use of alternative wine closures and the possible ramifications for the cork industry when suppliers began presenting him with wines that were not sealed with cork. Through his artworks he hopes to bring attention to the issue.

“I have rejected screwcaps from my wine list for many reasons, but would have rejected them solely on the traditional ceremony and romance involved with opening a fine bottle of wine,” says Tony.

“For the 22 years I’ve owned the restaurant, I have encountered an extremely low percentage of ‘corked’ wine. I can assure you there has never nor will there ever be a screwcap wine on the Romano’s wine list.”

The ‘No Screw Caps’ exhibition originally comprised 24 pieces with half of the works oil on canvas and the other half in an ancient sculptural medium comprising encaustic wax paint on wood panel. Some of these sculptural pieces incorporate cork bark and corkscrews.

Many of the pieces have sold, with the remainder still being exhibited including the signature piece that Tony describes as “one of my most important works”.

You can learn more about Tony Romano’s artwork at

Watch the "No Screwcaps" documentary. The story of one mans protest, Tony Romano.

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