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The world’s best wine stopper just got better

Amorim is proud to unveil NDtech — an individualized quality control screening technology for natural cork stoppers that delivers the world’s first natural cork with a non-detectable TCA guarantee*.

This ground-breaking achievement offers the best of both worlds. Winemakers can now use the supreme guardian for wine – natural cork – with an unprecedented quality control level that effectively eliminates the risk of cork taint, by ensuring that if any TCA remains present in the cork it is below the detection threshold of 0.5 nanograms/litre*.

This cutting-edge screening technology is complemented by Amorim’s existing preventive, curative and quality control methods, including its patented ROSA Evolution treatment machines that are used during the production process of all natural corks and applied in conjunction with the NDtech screening technology. Winemakers rely on Amorim’s dedication to supplying the world’s best stoppers. NDtech is the latest step in this ongoing commitment.

Preserving the integrity
of cork and wine

The premium performance of natural cork as the best guardian for the finest wines depends upon preserving the integrity of this gift from nature

No wine stopper producer has ever before been able to ensure a quality control procedure for natural cork stoppers that both fosters the elimination of TCA to sub-threshold levels and then individually confirms that each cork meets this standard.

You can’t beat natural cork when choosing the best seal for a fine wine. Natural cork’s elasticity ensures an inviolable seal, while its cellular structure harbours a unique mixture of oxygen and complex phenolic compounds that enables wines to age correctly in the bottle, reinforcing their anti- oxidant properties and delivering the distinctive qualities that wine lovers appreciate throughout the world.

Artificial closures - such as plastic stoppers or aluminium screwcaps - are unable to match natural cork’s remarkable qualities and render wines more prone to wine faults such as oxidation and reduction, respectively. But as with any other product, cork is potentially subject to maladies, in particular the eventual presence of the naturally occurring chemical compound TCA (2, 4, 6-Trichloroanisole) that may arise in many other contexts, including drinking water, coffee, beer, vegetables, fruit, wood and soil. Through advances in scientific knowledge and technological innovation, it has been possible to progressively eliminate the presence of TCA in cork.

Amorim, the world’s leading cork producer, has stood at the forefront of this process, through application of rigorous production standards and certified quality control methods that follow the same statistically-relevant sampling protocol used by the U.S. Armed Forces.

NDtech is the latest step in this process and constitutes the ultimate technology to combat TCA, based on the deployment of fast chromatography to deliver the world’s first natural cork with a non-detectable TCA guarantee*. The level of precision necessary to meet this standard is astounding, given that 0.5 nanograms/litre is equivalent of one drop of water in 800 Olympic-size swimming pools.

Against the backdrop of growing market consolidation of cork as the preferred closure for fine wines, NDtech will revolutionise the wine packaging sector.

Trusted Guardianship

Natural cork is the gold standard for the world’s best wines

In the wake of a 5-year, €10 million R&D investment, Amorim is now offering a premium quality control technology — NDtech — that delivers the world’s first natural cork with a non-detectable TCA guarantee*.

NDtech individually tests each wine cork for TCA, using unprecedented fast chromatography technology developed through a partnership between Amorim and a specialist firm based in Cambridge, UK. The new fast chromatography machine can analyse each cork in seconds, thus shattering the previous testing times in existing chromatography machines that typically require up to 14 minutes for each batch of corks. The high-precision screening technology can detect any cork with more than 0.5 nanograms of TCA per litre* (parts per trillion), which will be automatically removed from the supply chain. As a result, all corks processed via NDtech are non-detectable TCA guaranteed*.

*releasable TCA content at or below the 0.5 ng/L quantification limit;
analysis performed in accordance to ISO 20752.